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In Home Experience


An Authentic Polish Dumpling
Making Event

I offer to bring this experience to your home or location of choice. To begin I will serve a charcuterie board.  As I set up and you get acquainted with me, I will be available to chat about wine, answer questions and demonstrate proper tasting techniques. I will then proceed to demonstrate the art of making the dough and dumpling filling using, in majority, fresh local ingredients. You will have an opportunity for hands on experience at forming the dumplings yourself. After work is completed, I will cook and serve your meal for you. While you enjoy it, I will help you discover how wine plays a role in elevating the experience of dinning.


Growing up in Poland from a very young age I spent a lot of time helping my grandmother in the kitchen. Our days revolved around making a meal. The wonderful smells and energy of a hustle and bustle around it kept all of the family excited in anticipation of something inevitably delicious to come. The memories of gathering at the table around the meal that she cooked are some of the most powerful moments of joy I remember.


The love for food and the culture around it followed me to Chicago where I moved in year 2000. This great city with all it has to offer fueled my passion over many years. I hold a Bachelors Degree from Kendall College specializing in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management. I am also a Sommelier. I gained a lot of knowledge and a magnitude of experience. At the core, however, I learned how to cook and cultivate hospitality from my grandmother and I love shearing it with others.


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